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Biuletyn produktowy Bosch Shu 8810 to jeden z najnowszych produktów firmy Bosch. Jest to bezprzewodowe urządzenie termiczne, które wykorzystuje technologię szybkiego ogrzewania, aby szybko i sprawnie ogrzać wnętrza. Urządzenie jest wyposażone w technologię sterowania temperaturą, która pozwala na precyzyjne i precyzyjne dostosowanie temperatury wewnątrz pomieszczenia. Urządzenie jest wyposażone w zaawansowane funkcje bezpieczeństwa, które zapewniają bezpieczeństwo i niezawodność w działaniu. Urządzenie jest łatwe w obsłudze i posiada funkcję automatycznego wyłączania, co czyni je bardzo wydajnym i ekonomicznym rozwiązaniem do ogrzewania pomieszczeń.

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Use and Care
Guide d’utilisation Manual de
et d’entretien uso y cuidado



  #  ""
$ $ 



SHV 6800, 4800, 4300
SHI 6800, 430

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CONGRATULATIONS! *Note: The Bosch dishwasher referred to throughout this manual is manufactured by BSH Home Appliances Corp. www. boschappliances. com ENGLISH - 1 for selecting your dishwasher. You have joined the many consumers who demand quiet and exceptional performance from their dishwashers. This manual was written with your safety and convenience in mind and the information contained herein is very important. We, at BOSCH, highly recommend that you read this manual prior to using your dis

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UNIQUE FEATURES UNIQUE FEATURES OF YOUR BOSCH DISHWASHER STAINLESS STEEL INTERIOR • Improves Drying Performance • Resists Staining/Odors • Lifetime Warranty (see details on last page of manual) TRIPLE FILTER SYSTEM • 100% of the Wash Water is Filtered Before it Touches Your Dishes • “Large Object Trap” Prevents Undesirable Objects from Damaging the Pump System IN LINE FLOW THROUGH WATER HEATER (BOSCH FlowThroughHeater™) • Temperatures in excess of 160°F kill harmful germs while dissolving hard t
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TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS Important Safety Instructions............................................. 4 Dishwasher Components................................................... 5 Materials Chart................................................................. 6 Loading the Dishwasher............................................... 7-10 Rack Accessories............................................................ 11 Adding Detergent......................................................
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IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS WARNING WARNING — When using your dishwasher, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, and/or injury to persons, including the following: 1. Bosch dishwashers are provided with two manuals; one, Installation Instruction Manual and one, Use and Care Manual. Read all instructions and understand before using the dishwasher. 2. Use the dishwasher only for its intended function. 3. Use only detergents or wetting agent
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DISHWASHER COMPONENTS Figure 1, below, identifies the components of your dishwasher, and shows the page number(s) in this manual on which more information about the component is available. Familiarize yourself with the various parts of your dishwasher before you attempt to wash the first load of dishes. 1 8 10 9 5 6 3 2 7 4 Figure 1 Components: Page Number: 1. Door gasket Pg. 24 2. Detergent Dispenser Pg. 12 3. Filters (3) Pg. 23 4. Model and Serial Number Label Pg. 28 5. Lower Rack Pg. 8 6. Lo
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MATERIALS CHART Important: Before you wash anything in the dishwasher, check the materials chart shown below in Table 1. Some materials are not dishwasher-safe and should be hand-washed. Others require special loading considerations. Before washing any dishware or cookware, contact the manufacturer of the material to confirm that it is dishwasher-safe. Materials Chart MATERIAL DISHWASHER USE COMMENTS AND/OR SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS ACRYLIC NOT Crazing may occur. RECOMMENDED ADHESIVE NOT I
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AHAM DW-1 -12 Place Setting AHAM DW-1 -12 Place Setting AHAM DW-1 -10 Place Setting AHAM DW-1 -10 Place Setting LOADING THE DISHWASHER Standard Bottom Rack Pre-Load Preparation • Remove large particles of food from the dishes before food has a chance to dry, but rinsing is not necessary. Food soils will actually enhance the detergent’s performance. • Use the Rinse & Hold cycle if waiting an ex- tended period of time before washing. • Pre-soak and hand-scour pots and pans with Figure 2 burned-on
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LOADING THE DISHWASHER Bottom Rack Loading the Bottom Rack Place large and/or heavily soiled items in the bot- tom rack of the dishwasher. Load heavily soiled pots and pans face down, as shown in Figure 6. For larger items, fold down the rear tines on the bottom rack. When in the down position, they can hold extra large utensils, such as serving spoons or large knives. Figure 6 Top Rack Loading the Top Rack The upper rack of the dishwasher has been designed with flexibility in mind. Glasses,
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LOADING THE DISHWASHER Standard Top Rack Adjustment The top rack height of the Bosch dishwashers is adjustable (in most models. ) There is an upper and lower position for the top rack which is used to accomodate items with different heights. Figure 9 How to Adjust the Top Rack 1. Pull out (empty) top rack to the point where it can be lifted upward. Pull the rack outward and up until rollers are completely free of channels. Reinsert the rack with the other set of roll- Figure 10 ers on the
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LOADING THE DISHWASHER Large Small Loading the Silverware Basket(s) All Bosch dishwashers have a large silverware bas- ket in the bottom rack. Those models with the TOP RACK ONLY feature have a an additional up- per small silverware basket. For personal safety and a top quality clean, place the silverware in the baskets: Figure 14 • so that they do not nest together. • place silverware with handles-down, but Below is an example of a silverware • place knives and other potentially danger- loading
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RACK ACCESSORIES RACK ACCESSORIES Extra Silverware Rack Accessories Basket Some Bosch dishwasher models have optional This basket can be placed rack accessories. Please refer to the Dish- in a variety of positions in washer Features Chart on pg. 27 to see which the upper rack. accessories your particular model has. Fine Silver & Cutlery Tray Flexible Silverware Basket This flexible silverware basket is intended to be used in the lower rack. To position in the rack, the two slots A and B should
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ADDING DETERGENT Selecting the Right Detergent For the best washing re- Use only dishwashing detergent in your Bosch dish- sults it is important to use the correct type and washer. It is highly recommended to use powder amount of detergent and detergent that DOES NOT contain a drying agent rinse agent. additive. Use of other types of detergents may re- sult in excessive suds. Concentrated detergents usually call for lower usage than standard detergents. Please refer to Table 2 for recommended d
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ADDING RINSE AGENT Rinse Agent TO ADJUST RINSE AGENT REGULATOR Rinse agent, or a rinse aid, is used to provide SETTING: optimum drying results and diminish water spot- ting. Always use a rinse agent with the Bosch 1. OPEN THE COVER OF THE RINSE AGENT dishwasher to insure proper drying results. It DISPENSER. rinses the dishware and also rinses the internal 2. TURN THE SETTING parts of the dishwasher. INDICATOR TO THE DESIRED SETTING. Figure 21 To Fill the Rinse Agent Reservoir: 1. Open the dishwas
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BOSCH DISHWASHER CONTROLS  "" SHV 4800    "" SHV 4300       !                     SHV 6800   "#$            SHU 8800 ""     SHU 8810  ""     SHU 9910  ""     SHU 9920 SHU 9950   + ) $)   !  $ " '"( ) *    "# 
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BOSCH DISHWASHER CONTROLS ""    "       !          #   SHU 6800& SHI 6800                 ""       "         # SHU 5300           ""           "      SHU 4320 
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CYCLE SELECTION CHARTS Cycle Selection Chart I Bosch Dishwashers for SHU9910, SHU9920, SHU8800, SHV4300 and SHV4800 Models   **   $%   $%     #                ')*          / . ' 1')  *0  *$     '(  '      +      
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CYCLE SELECTION CHARTS Cycle Selection Chart II Bosch Dishwashers for SHU6800, SHI6800, SHV6800, SHU 9950, SHU4320, SHU3300 Models       ** $%   $%        #             ')*        /    '( . ' 1')  *0  '(  *$           
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CYCLE SELECTION CHARTS Cycle Selection Chart III Bosch Dishwashers for SHU3030 and SHU3131 Models only    *#+ # *#+   #    (    # # #            #)                        
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SELECTING A WASH CYCLE Selecting a Wash Cycle Note: All indicator lights will The dishwasher will wash and dry the contents based remain illuminated until the on/ on cycle selection made. Refer to Tables 3, 4 and 5: off switch is pressed or the door Wash Cycle Selection Chart to select the most ap- is opened. propriate cycle for the wash load. Follow these steps to select a cycle and start the Various Model Types dishwasher: SHU/SHI Models: SHU/SHI 1. Close the dishwasher door, making sure 

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